About M.E.

M.E. is currently a librarian who started out in retail merchandising. Her first job was as an assistant buyer at Lord & Taylor, where her glamour position involved office space in the basement of the Fifth Avenue store. After twelve years of mergers, consolidations, and moves around the country, she went to graduate school and got a Master of Library Science degree. She has been in the information business ever since, working for public libraries small and large. Originally from the Connecticut shoreline, she has never lost her love of quaint small towns, big cities, and fashion, so she indulges that in her writing. A life-long lover of mystery fiction, M.E. completed her first novel while taking some time off to care for an elderly relative. She currently lives and works in Florida, where she has acquired a houseful of misfit pets and a violent palm tree allergy. The Unkindness of Ravens is her first novel, and was a finalist for the Florida Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America Freddie Award for Writing Excellence in 2017.

Represented by Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency.

Meet The Author’s Cat

Like many librarians and authors, I have a cat. He often naps in my home office. This is his contribution to the creative process. Nero Wolfe is an eight –year-old rescue cat. Like the fictional detective who inspired his name, Nero Wolfe is enormous, attitudinal, and absolutely wedded to high-quality food served at regular intervals.

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