The Reading Room

Traditionally, a reading room is a room in a library or a museum set aside for studying or reading. It’s often where newspapers and magazines are kept, and sometimes bookshelves of reference materials or popular titles. Pictured above is the main reading room of the New York Public Library, where Holly Golightly was a regular visitor in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The Reading Room at the Raven Hill Library is the main area for books and materials. Reference and circulation desks, public computers, periodicals, the stacks—all are in this one large room. Kids at one end, adults at the other, it’s busier and louder than a traditional reading room.

The Reading Room on my website is where you’ll find book reviews and recommendations, author spotlights, news, and other things of interest to book lovers and librarians. And I promise—no one’s going to Shhh! you.

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